Appetite control      Cravings      Worry and Anxiety


photo_9549_20091105[1]Using an FDA approved brain technology device, symptoms have been eliminated, sometimes in one single 15 to 20 minute session or, occasionally, in three or four sessions.  This is not therapy. This acoustical brain technological device eliminates the brain’s connection between thoughts and disruptive emotions or unwanted behaviors. The result is thoughts, memories, or triggers without negative reactions or being stuck in repetitive thought patterns and behaviors.

It’s not enough to want to change.  Brain circuitry, that ties thoughts, memories, and triggers with unwanted emotions and behaviors, has to be disrupted and rewired for complete elimination of the issue.  Talk therapy takes time.  This bio-acoustical method works without having to discuss the issue. The client simply holds the issue in mind while the acoustical device disrupts the unwanted brain pattern, allowing for rapid change in outcomes.  Each session focuses on one issue at a time.

This method has effectively addressed:

Appetite control

Cravings of all sorts





Intrusive Memories

Work Stress

Financial Worries





Sexual Issues

Chronic Pain of all types

Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors



BAUD – Bio Acoustical Utilization Device

How It Works

The Bio Acoustical Utilization Device is a new and powerful tool for personal change. Invented by Dr. Frank Lawlis, a pioneer in the field of medical psychology.  The BAUD is an FDA-approved device with a unique technology based on the latest discoveries of neuroscience. By simply listening to special sound frequencies through the BAUD’s earphones, you can actually affect the function of neural activity deep within the brain.  The BAUD’s intermixed sound frequencies and waveforms help to stimulate natural brain plasticity which results in a powerful shift and release of the energy driving external problems. This same technology has been used in neurofeedback by doctors to treat serious disorders like depression, phobias, substance abuse, OCD and ADHD.

The Brain: Source of All Problems

There are powerful energies at work in the brain that help drive reactions and compulsions. It has long been known that this stress plays a major role in all sorts of problems: overeating, anxiety, anger reactions, and even addictions. Stress will magnify your problem when it pushes you to react to a situation the same way, repeatedly. Every time you reach for a snack to calm down, or let yourself dwell on your fears, you actually create neural pathways in the brain. These pathways are kind of like ruts in a well-worn road. Once made, you can follow the tracks easily, but it is extremely difficult to pull out of them. So it becomes harder anbrain waves 4d harder to resist those unwanted urges or reactions. It becomes a vicious circle. Each time you react, the ruts just get deeper. Eventually, your brain gets stuck in the “on” position and you unwanted habit becomes a constant, nagging urge – and seems impossible to get rid of!

Changing these negative feelings or reactions is extremely difficult since the source is often unconscious. You don’t fully understand it, you only feel it as an intense emotional pressure that expresses as an out-of-control appetite or a mind obsessed with worry. Until the source of this stress is relieved, neural pathways stay active and the unwanted urge or feeling remains strong.

Taking Control

The Bio Acoustical Utilization Device provides relief like you’ve never experienced before. It goes far beyond the generalized relaxation of traditional biofeedback. In fact, comparing the BAUD to traditional biofeedback is like comparing a laser beam to a light bulb. The BAUD give you a powerful, pinpoint focus on the inner neural source of your problem. You can focus on your appetite in general – or you can zero in only on your carb cravings. You can focus on your general anxiety or target any specific fear that limits you: heights, confined spaces, or even asking for a raise! You are in control.

It doesn’t take long to see results. A typical session may last from 15-20 minutes.  Many people report feeling profound improvement in stress-driven issues that have plagued them for years, even a lifetime. And while individual results vary, the relief you experience from one session can last for several days or be gone for good. Sometimes it takes several sessions to find relief such as with alcohol cravings. Each person’s response is unique.


Fee:  $20 per session,  First session – 45 minutes, Follow-up sessions – 30 minutes

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